Judy Paradi and Paulette Filion

Experts in Marketing to Women

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Learn how to GROW your practice by connecting with women.

High Net Worth women are looking for financial advice – and there are lots of them.  But women want advice in a way that resonates with them.

Take your practice to the next level by learning how to be the advisor women flock to.

"This book is a great wake-up call."

"…should be required reading for anybody who deals with clients -- male or female!"

"It is easy to read, very actionable and so timely"


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Find out why there are so few female financial advisors and what needs to happen to grow their numbers.

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Accomplished speakers, Judy and Paulette draw their audience in with stories and humor. From their considerable knowledge base (more)


Whether you are part of a large financial institution or a smaller group wishing to better understand how to capture the lucrative female market

Advisor Education

Understanding that advisors need tools that offer them easy-to-follow actionable and practical steps they can take to win with HNW women (more)

If you want to better understand how to connect with women, Paulette and Judy have the research, expertise and experience to guide you!

Kirk Lowe, Founder of Top Advisor Marketing

We turned to Paulette and Judy to provide the insight to develop our Woman’s strategy at NBF Wealth Management. They are knowledgeable and accessible – truly a pleasure to work with.

Angela D’Angelo, Vice President, Training & Client Experience, National Bank Financial

Paulette’s and Judy’s voice on the women's market within financial services has been invaluable and much needed.

John Cucchiella, Senior Executive, Financial Services

StrategyMarketing.ca has been a leader in Canada in researching and documenting the increasing power that women hold as consumers.

Deborah Frame, CFA | President Frame Global Asset Management

Working with Paulette and Judy has been critical in helping me transition successfully from advising institutional investors to advising private clients.
I recommend them unequivocally.

Gregory W. Lawrence, CPA, CMA, CFA, Vice President, Wealth Management, Northland Wealth Management

Clients of StrategyMarketing.ca
are fortunate in being able to tap into an unparalleled depth of experience and understanding of the financial sector.

Lee Jacobson, Brand Producers

Paulette and Judy have used their vast industry experience to help advisors connect, talk to and understand women. Their growth strategies are excellent in setting forward thinking advisors apart from the rest.

Douglas Heikkinen, Publisher IRIS

In StrategyMarketing.ca women have a strong advocate and financial advisors have experts who understand how they build and grow their practices. Connecting these two forces is what this consultancy does best.
Hire them!

Neil McOstrich, Co-Founder, Cleansheet Communications

Judy and Paulette are amazing! They work with advisors to ensure that women everywhere get financial advice on their terms.
It’s an honour for me to salute their efforts.

Kelley Keehn, Author, personal finance educator and consumer advocate for the Financial  Planning Standards Council

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