Why do we choose to scare rather than cheer on?

I’ve been watching the financial services industry and it’s strategies in attracting investors for more than 40 years. Here’s what I’ve observed:

When the industry talks to men, they speak of out performance and doing better. They talk more, opportunity and winners. They even talk low volatility these days.

But when they think they are talking to women, they talk about aiming higher, taking more risk, outliving the money, having saved less, working fewer years and being too risk averse.

Maybe it’s coincidence or just plain dumb luck that women are seen as needing help from the mistakes they’ve made and men are seen as looking for the next big thing. Maybe it’s because for all of its history, the financial services industry has been talking to men – men advisors anyway. It’s time for the industry to understand the importance of women to its future and learn to reach out to them in positive and confidence-boosting ways.

It’s time to say things like to women:

  • You know far more about investing than most of us
  • You can spot value a mile off and we could all learn more from you
  • You are the best partner an advisor can haveYou make your advisor better for everyone else
  • You ask questions that need to be answered
  • You are the kind of client that we want
  • You are important for this generation and the next generation of investors
  • You are the role model for your children’s future financial success
  • You are a better investor because you are an inquisitive client

Your important role is to tell your advisor what’s important to you – People invest to achieve a goal not to amass a pile of money.

There are a lot of smart people in the industry and if this becomes a priority for any one of the leaders, this more positive approach in meeting the needs of their female clients will get done. Until then, women must find their voice and demand better. Nothing makes people seek the truth and nothing but the truth than pressure from clients who pay the bills and losing clients to competitors.

The time has finally come to do better for women investors.

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