4 things Financial Advisors can do to Keep and Attract Female Clients

1. Listen with Heart
Women look for advisors who are sincere and authentic. Take the time to build a genuine honest relationship with her. Really listen to her and the issues that matter to her, even if it has nothing to do with finances.

2. Speak her Language
Avoid jargon or a singular focus on charts and performance tables. While eventually it may be useful, it is not the way most women think about money. To women, money is a means to an end – speak about the goals important to her.

3. Respect Her
When a woman says she would like her advisor to show her some respect, it means a lot more than wiping his feet at the door — it means meeting her intellectually where she is rather than expecting her to find her own way to you.

4. Build Her Confidence
Frequently women know a lot more than they think they do but they want you to work with them, to help them understand and feel confident about investing – but be careful not to talk down to them.

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