A New Take on COI – Amazing!

Do you think you have a good group of professionals as Centers of Influence (COI)? I am guessing you likely have an accountant, a lawyer, maybe even a real estate agent, all pretty routine, but are they the right people and are they all you need?

There is only one way to determine whether you have the “right” professionals in your network.

Ask yourself:

Were my clients “thrilled” when I’ve introduced them to one of the professionals in MY network?

If not, you may not have the best possible group and you may actually be wasting your time with the ones you have.

One advisor tells the story of a client he referred to a landscaper (not a traditional COI for sure). The client came back to him and said “Wow! I’m so glad you introduced me to Neil. What an amazing professional and person. Thanks, I would never have met him, if it hadn’t been for you.” Now that’s the right COI.

If you’ve recommended someone and your clients doesn’t get back to you at all or just responds with a lukewarm “thanks,” you’d better re-consider those in your network.

Think about it, wouldn’t you want your clients to tell the person who referred you that you are great?

“The advisor you referred me to is amazing. He’s unlike any other advisor I’ve met and I’m so glad you introduced me to him.”

Not only is that the response you want but it’s also the one that will get you more referrals from the professionals in your network.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Name three people you know who make you feel the magic of finding a great resource, regardless of the field.
    – Who’s the most incredible accountant you know? Or lawyer?
    – Who’s the most incredible landscaper/real estate agent/mechanic/hairdresser? No matter.
  • Are any of them clients? Or in your network of COI? If not, why not?
  • How do you engage them in your efforts to develop new business? And how can you help them develop their business?
  • How can you deliver at that level so that you make it on other people’s lists of incredible people they know?

Take away: Be the incredible service provider you look for in others and only work with others who offer their service at the highest level.


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