Prospecting — target

Targeting makes prospecting easier

Getting focused on a smaller well-defined group that you are already familiar with is easier and more effective than trying to sell to everyone.

Start by selecting a group you already work with. When you review your client list and see a number of clients who are lawyers or doctors or entrepreneurs that means you’ve found a way to attract these people. So extend your influence to include others in that group. In fact any demographic based selection will work. Say you have a lot of successful older female clients that you connect with and enjoy working with, you can build a strategy to grow your practice with older women.

This targeted approach works for two reasons:

First, you’re already knowledgeable about the needs of people in that group so there is less of a learning curve for you and prospects will immediately recognize that you understand the specific needs and issues they face as lawyers/accountants/entrepreneurs/women. Second, most well defined groups have associations, events, publications, even informal groups such as clubs that you can easily reach out to.

Take away: Prospecting is hard work: It requires a sales mindset and a commitment, a targeted approach makes it easier, as does connecting with people in the group around their interests.


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