Prospecting — connect with people

Connecting with people means having an interest in what interests them

Once you have identified the group you are comfortable working with, you can start to connect with one or two of them.

Whether you chose to pursue all lawyers or just target female lawyers, familiarize yourself with what they do, where they congregate, how they learn and exchange information. Make a list of the opportunities to meet and engage with members of this group.

You can even reach out to your existing clients, in the areas that you chose, to help you. If they are happy with your services, they will probably be amenable to helping you connect in their industry. Women are particularly great at promoting you – if they like you.

When you have your list of the options open to you such as meetings, seminars, conferences, social gathering, library study groups, contact the organizers to find out how you can be helpful. Let them know you are available to participate in their event and discuss what you bring to the table for the members. You’d be surprised at how many groups are regularly looking for informed speakers (the value add to their members).

Caveat here: If you come to an agreement and you speak at an event do NOT make your presentation a sales pitch. It should be entirely educational, and should address the specific needs of the members. Refrain from even mentioning the name of your organization except in your introduction. If you do it right and come across as genuine and trustworthy – prospects will come to you after you speak or will remember you when an issue surfaces in their lives that requires a financial solution.

Your goal is to have people engage with you at an event that’s important to them. Your initial goal is to have people get to know you first before they bother to know what you do and where they will remember you when they need help or are dissatisfied with their current advisor.

Take away: Prospecting is hard work: It requires a sales mindset and a commitment, a targeted approach makes it easier,  as does connecting with people in the group around their interests .


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