6 things NEVER to say to female investors

  1. “I have a system that helps my clients maximize gains and minimize losses …Let me tell you how I do things.”
    The fastest way to turn a potential female investor off is by telling her how great you are or your system is. Women look for advisors who they can connect with, someone who shows they care about and their needs.
  2. “Don’t worry, that’s my job.”
    While you may think answering her concerns with “don’t worry” is reassuring – it is not. It is condescending and paternalistic at best. She wants to be involved, not kept in the dark.
  3. “Why don’t we get your husband/partner in and make a final decision.”
    There are many equally egregious versions of this such as “let’s meet with your husband,” and so on. Any reference to a husband/partner assumes that she is not in control – which is very disrespectful.
  4. “I have a very tight schedule and I need your answer today. In a market like this we need to act quickly and can’t delay.”
    These are actually two things you should never say. One, “I have a tight schedule’ says my time is more important than yours – and I am a very busy important person. The other “I need your answer today” comes off as high-pressure sales – something most women are suspicious of.
  5. “Remind me the next time we meet.”
    Regardless of what you are asking her to remind you of – this says, “I can’t be bothered to remember.” It falls into the same category as numbers 1 and 3, the message is the same, you are the important ones.
  6. “I have three “gals” of my own at home – believe me I understand women!” Another version of this is, “just call the girls at my office, they will look after it.”

As soon as you refer to women as “gals” or “girls” you are infantilizing them. No matter what the rest of the statement is, you will have lost them.



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