80% of Women Leave their Financial Advisors when they lose their husband!Don’t let it happen to you.

Because of longer life expectancies and advances in the workplace, women in North America are controlling an ever-growing share of wealth. In fact 90% of women will have to make financial decisions alone at some point in their lives because they outlive their spouse and inherit from their parents.

But 80% of widows switch financial advisors within a year of their husband’s death.

Can you afford to lose your female clients?

All too many advisors have trouble maintaining the relationship with the wife when the husband is no longer in the picture.

Why? Because in most cases they have dealt with the husband for years and they have not acquired the skills they need to effectively deal with female clients.

What widows and divorcees tell us:

“I hardly knew him, he spoke mostly to my husband.”“He treated me like I was an extension of my husband.”“I just couldn’t relate to him, all he spoke about was rates of return.”“He didn’t really listen to me and I felt patronized when I asked questions.”“He assumed that the account would stay with him – I found that offensive.”

Female clients want advisors who take the time to understand them and listen to them. Learn how to be that advisor and make 2017 your best year ever.

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