5 Hours to Connecting More Intimately With All Your Clients

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if financial advisors were feeling a little insecure these days about the future of their practice. Almost daily there is negative news about the value they provide and dire predictions that they will lose their clients to robo-advisors.

So what’s an advisor to do? We say, when others ‘zag’, your only option to get noticed and to make a difference is to ‘zig’. That means doing what your competitors aren’t doing.

Consider my experience:
As the head of Marketing at a small financial company I was competing against giants in the mutual fund industry. We sold our products exclusively through financial advisors but we couldn’t afford big-time conferences or elaborate ad campaigns touting performance. What to do? We zigged when our competition was zagging.

We ran one ad, one time in two papers, aimed at the public. The headline read, “The best advice we can give you this tax season is to get some,” it went on to tell investors to reach out to a financial advisor to get solid investment advice.

It was a huge success. Financial advisors noticed and remembered us – because it had never been done before!

While you are not likely to take out an ad, what we are saying is, whether you’re concerned about the impact of robo-advisors, investment counsellors, other advisors, product manufacturers, or ETFs, you need to develop your own distinct approach – do what others aren’t, to protect your client base.

Don’t risk losing clients. While we most often talk about addressing the needs of female clients, learning how you can provide real value protects all your clients from marauders and sets you up to grow your practice exponentially.

Start today and be well on your way to differentiating yourself and connecting more intimately with all your clients. Because everyone knows that advisors who provide real value have nothing to fear. Even critics admit as much.

Retaining Female Clients, is an easy-to-follow online course you can complete in as little as 5 hours.


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