Create a Great Website in 4 Easy Steps that is also Female Friendly

Being an advisor is not easy. There is the grind of achieve consistently good rates of return for clients as well as the never-ending process of keeping existing clients happy, networking to find new clients and keeping up with the administration.

It’s a lot, so it is not surprising that all too often having a really great website, which speaks to everyone, is overlooked. Unfortunately, many advisors assume that a few templated paragraphs about, what we do, who we are and why you are important to us, along with some file photos of appropriately diverse and smiling people is all it takes.

We are here to tell you – it’s not enough by a long shot. Even advisors who have tried to stay ahead of the curve and understand the huge potential female clients represent, have done little more than add an “investing for women” tab to their existing site.

Adding a section for “female clients” is worse than doing nothing. It actually says that, “we have an entire website speaking to all our “real” clients, but here is a section for women, because we deal with them differently.” This harkens back to the 50’s when taverns had doors for ladies – heads up, “women are not a different species.”

What can you do? What should you do?

Spend a day or two or more with your website. Look at other professionally done web sites. Does yours sound like everyone else’s? Do most of your sentences start with “we”? Because if they do, you are talking too much about you – a sure turn-off – and not enough about the clients you serve.

Read your own site, really read it with an open mind, as though you were a person looking for a trusted advisor. Have your friends read it – especially women. Listen to their honest input. You are not looking for grammatical or graphic input – just ask them if it “speaks” to them or does it sound like “advertising” jargon or worse yet, documentation. Stop trying to sound too professional, too institutional – use a more authentic voice.

Because if you create a truly authentic website, that reflects your values, who you are – it will appeal to the people you work best with – including women!

TIPS for creating a great website.

  1. Organize it by life goals (based on those of your current clients)
  2. Let is speak the language of investors, not financial companies
  3. Tell stories of the people you serve in achieving their life goals (no names please)
  4. Provide resources that are helpful to potential new clients

What NOT to do on your website

  1. Do not organize your site by the products/services you offer.
  2. Do not give research reports on markets, sectors, products/services you offer.
  3. Do not have a special section for “women”.



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