How to earn client appreciation and grow your business

Like many advisors there are probably plenty of days when you feel underappreciated. Perhaps clients don’t really understand what you do for them and how much effort it takes or they simply don’t value your efforts because it doesn’t touch them emotionally.

Whatever the reason there is something you can do that they will appreciate and get their attention – you can refer business and/or trusted suppliers their way.

For example:

If the client is a lawyer or other professional, you can refer a client to them.If they own a business, you can recommend their product or service to people you know.If the client is not a professional you can still help by referring good trades people if they are renovating, or connecting them with an exceptional medical specialist if they need it, or even help them get a deal on the purchase of a new car if you can.

These are the types of actions you can take, besides handling their finances that will make them sit up and notice. However, what goes without saying is you do these favours without expecting something in return.

Of course there are a few caveats — one, that you know your clients well enough to know what’s happening and important in their lives, two that you really care about them as people and three, that you know good people in your community you can connect them with.

The benefits of referring are many:

The client will know for sure that you care about them as a person, and that you don’t just see them as a revenue source.Everyone appreciates referrals and most will want to reciprocate and refer someone to you.You will be building a network of trust. The people you refer will see your value in a whole new light. Even if they are not clients, they too may feel a sense of obligation in referring clients to you.Interacting with people in your community is a rewarding and fun way to create awareness for yourself and growing your practice – without “selling”!

While all this holds true for most people, I suspect that you know intuitively that it is especially true with women.


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