4 questions to assess your practice’s female friendliness

Women often mention that their financial advisor knows little or nothing about them as a person. “He thinks of me as an investment account and the money in it,” they say.

Women look for more than just your technical abilities. In fact, women assume that most advisors can invest. It is their inter-personal skills that make one advisor stand out from another.

How female-friendly are you?

Take the test.

Can you list 3 things you know about your female client that doesn’t have to do with her finances? – the names and ages of her kids or parents or pets – her favorite hobby or book or movie or sport – Her most cherished family memory

How would she describe your listening style? Do you talk more than you listen?Would she describe you as a friend, someone she has something in common with, someone she would enjoy talking to even if it had nothing to do with money?Have you ever done a non-investment related favour for her?

Be honest with your answers. Obviously number one is heavily weighted. If you don’t know any of her personal details and have answered no to the remaining three questions there is a good chance that your practice is not female friendly.

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