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Women – Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them. What’s an Advisor to Do?

When Desiderius Erasmus, a 15th century philosopher and humanist, penned those words he most certainly wasn’t referring to financial advisors. Rather he was making a broad observation that while men and women are very different, often leading to misunderstandings and even conflict – the world would be a poorer place without them. Little did he…

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Are you alienating clients?

It’s puzzling to us when advisors say they don’t want to brand themselves as “too female friendly” for fear of alienating their male clients. Yet, they seem perfectly okay with alienating their female clients by maintaining a male focused practice. Given that women control 1/3 of all financial assets, which is expected to grow to…

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#metoo – should YOU worry?

Chances are excellent that you are one of the countless decent men out there who are no more likely to sexually harass a woman than eat paste! However, there is no denying that the #metoo campaign has put fear into the heart of many a man (financial advisors included). One can almost hear the collective…

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Women are NOT a niche market!

In meeting with and talking to advisors and executives of financial companies we often hear them say, very earnestly, that they know that women are an important niche market. And in fact they say, they are already actively marketing to women. (Which, to our dismay, as often as not, take the form of a few…

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5 habits of advisors that ladies love.

With research piling up, there is no doubt that very few financial companies do a great job on behalf of their female clients. But there are individual advisors, who do – and their female clients love them. Of all the female investors we’ve interviewed who like their advisor, there are recurring themes. And of all…

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