5 habits of advisors that ladies love.

With research piling up, there is no doubt that very few financial companies do a great job on behalf of their female clients.

But there are individual advisors, who do – and their female clients love them. Of all the female investors we’ve interviewed who like their advisor, there are recurring themes. And of all the male advisors we’ve interviewed who succeed with female clients, there is a pattern of behavior. No big surprise that they overlap with what the ladies love.

  • They listen
    We know when advisors are good listeners because they are good listeners with us. It’s in their nature to be good listeners, not just when they are thinking of getting new clients, but always.
  • They make a personal connection
    They don’t just drone on and on about how they invest. They show interest in other people’s lives and share their own stories. In short, they engage on a human level. They talk about their clients as real people, not portfolios.
  • They boost confidence
    They make people feel good. They are cheerleaders in their client’s lives. They comment on what’s going on in their lives and cheer on their successes, while offering encouragement when things aren’t going right. Women, in particular appreciate this.
  • They make time
    They make the time to support their clients when they need it. They take your call, respond to your email promptly and stop to greet you on the street.
  • They give of themselves
    Need a favour, need a testimonial, need an introduction, need a connection, or need a hand? They are the ones to say, “I’ll be there”, “Glad to do it”, “Anytime”, “How can I help.”

There’s no magic to connecting well with women. The trick is having the right motivation – you want to connect well and you will do what it takes to do just that.

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