Stop Wishful Thinking

Advisors we’ve talked to assign the following attributes to their ideal client:

  • A person with substantial money to invest
  • One willing to follow a long-term plan
  • One loyal to them who even advocates on their behalf
  • A person who doesn’t bail when the market falters
  • One who understands and appreciates everything he does beyond getting good rates of return
  • One who trusts them fully

Yet, when we tell these advisors that there are plenty of these “perfect” clients out there, you’d think they’d be eager to do whatever it takes to attract them. But to our amazement, as often as not, they continue to stick to their standard pitch and run their practices in the same old ways.

It was Albert Einstein who wisely said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Are you content to do things the same way over and over? Do you think the idea of having lots of “perfect” clients “wishful thinking”? Well it’s not – women are “perfect” clients and they make up 50% of the population!

Today, women have more money than ever before and, by some estimates, they will control almost 70% of all financial assets by 2020. What’s more these women are looking for financial advice to help them manage it.

So, yes, women of all kinds are out there and they truly are perfect clients – they have money, they believe in a long-term plan, they are loyal even when markets fluctuate and they will recommend and appreciate you!

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The one requirement: you need to rethink how you attract and retain them – business as usual is not an option. Women don’t want a call once a year only to be ignored the rest of the year. They want a real discussion about what’s important to them. They want someone who’ll care about them, not just their money. They want someone who will take the time to get to know them as people and answer their questions, an advisor who’ll never dismiss their concerns and who is respectful of their time.

Do you have what it takes to consider the needs of HNW women in order to attract their business? If you want more “perfect” clients – you have to be the “perfect” advisor for women.

Start today to do it differently and learn how you can better connect with women. Visit our website at


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