Our workshops help financial advisors grow their business by taking advantage of the huge opportunity women represent. We provide step-by-step tools in print or online format. Sessions can include role-playing, breakout sessions, free-form discussions and Q and A’s.

Workshops are adapted to clients’ specific needs and can range in time from an hour to an afternoon. They can be offered in conjunction with a keynote and can be followed up with webinar support.

Topics include:

  • Target marketing women (women entrepreneurs, women in transition, etc.)
  • Branding your practice as female friendly
  • When a male client dies – things to get right with his widow
  • How to handle first meetings with women


photo by Eckhartd

Lunch and Learn at Richardson GMP

Photography by Eckhardt Kriel

"Imagine the upside
of owning a financial business that understood how women connect with money.

If you want to better understand how and why you should connect with women, Paulette and Judy have the research, expertise and experience to guide your strategies."

Kirk Lowe,
Founder of Top Advisor Marketing

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