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Do You Dare to Be a Winner?

Dare to be a winner! Winning isn’t a function of being smarter than the next guy. Winning goes to those who dare to go out on a limb to try something different and those who dare to stay with it longer – not to those who only reach for the low hanging fruit or the…

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Invest(in)Her and She’ll Invest With You

It’s a new year and while Covid-19 restrictions continue to shape how we do business – some things never change. The fact that you carry on serving existing clients and continue to sign-up new clients is a given.  Something else that hasn’t changed is that women with money are still your best bet for growing…

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You Can’t Just Teach Bias Away

There is little question that 2020 was a bad year – the pandemic wreaked havoc worldwide, drove healthcare systems to the breaking point and served to highlight pervasive social inequities, with women and minorities bearing the brunt. But even as the pandemic continues to rage, there is hope – vaccines are on their way, plans…

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What Financial Advisors Can Learn From Hamilton

Talk Less – Listen More. Whether it’s working with female colleagues or serving female clients, you need to know that women’s number one complaint continues to be that men don’t listen to them and, in fact, talk over them. Sadly, nowhere is this complaint more prevalent than in the financial services industry. Oddly, the issue…

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