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Adapt or Perish!

Recently I visited the Fram Museum in Norway. It is a fascinating museum dedicated to telling the story of Norwegian polar exploration through artifacts, maps, diaries and journals. One display in particular caught my eye – it featured a quote from a letter written by an explorer – it stated, “you have to adapt or…

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Millennials: Your Path to Success

According to Schwab’s 2018 Modern Wealth Index, 31 percent of millennials have determined their financial goals and have a written plan. As a result, millennials are also more likely than older generations to have specific savings goals, work with an investment advisor and regularly re-balance their portfolio. Clearly attracting millennials makes sense, that is why they…

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Why it is NEVER about YOU

Recently, we had the pleasure of conducting a lunch and learn for about 20 investment advisors. The topic was How to Engage with Female Investors. Those in attendance came because they understood the undeniable truth that female investors are and will continue to be the key to their future success. Throughout the hour, they nodded…

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Till Death (or Incapacity) Do Us Part

Since 65% of all healthcare workers are women, and women in general make 80% of the healthcare decisions on behalf of their families, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they should play a significant role in the healthcare profession? One would think, yet sadly, only 30% of the people in senior management positions in healthcare…

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Advisors who “Get It” Will Eat Your Lunch

When my kids were young, their favorite book was “Princess Backwards.” It’s the story of a princess who lived in a land where everything was done backwards, while she walked and talked forward. However, since she was “different”, they called her Princess Backwards. Of course, in the end, she saved the kingdom and the moral…

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4 Ways to Succeed with Female Client

While working with female clients sometimes feels like there is a minefield of potential missteps that any advisor should avoid, you should take heart. Women are not looking for perfection. They are looking for advisors who are sincere and authentic. Here are 4 important ways to succeed with female clients: Listen with heart Women want…

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