Posts by Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

Are you worth what you charge?

The key to winning with clients is understanding that what they appreciate and are willing to pay for, is not you talking about the value you can deliver but showing it. In a hugely competitive industry there are many out there jockeying to get in front of potential clients, or even your clients, with their…

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Financial advisors: Are you being left behind?

Advisors are increasingly learning that it is more important than ever to provide value from the client’s perspective. Value for them is something that they experience when you do your job in a way that resonates with them. We spoke with a woman who runs her own successful business focused on Millennials and helping organizations…

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As an advisor, do you measure up?

When women choose a financial advisor, they look for more than a qualified and properly registered advisor who works for a well-respected firm; they look for someone they feel comfortable with and someone they can relate to and trust. So what does that mean to financial advisors who are used to being judged on their…

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