Making your Practice Female Friendly

7 Steps to a More Female Friendly Office

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that most women say they hate going to an advisor’s office – even if they are already a client. Take a minute to think about what a woman experiences when they go to the typical financial advisors’ office (the subtleties of décor may be lost on some men). But…

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Are you a great advisor? Take the test.

Being a great advisor today is not just about getting higher rates of return.If you can’t answer yes to at least 4 of the statements below – then you have work to do. Are you helpful to your clients in other aspects of their lives, not just investing? Are a Center of Influence for more…

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5 Ways Sending a Holiday Card can Backfire

If you have female clients and want to keep them, you should be aware that women notice little things. Everything that you do (or don’t do for that matter) says a lot about you and how much you care about them.ay Holiday season is a particularly good opportunity to cement your relationship by showing your…

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Five sure fire ways to grow your practice

Be prepared to rethink how and with who you do business We are all guilty of operating in our comfort zone, especially if we’ve achieved some success doing things a certain way. “What if I try something different and it doesn’t work?” – looms large in our minds. But historically it is the risk takers…

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Are You a Confidence Builder?

Before our own confidence propels us to achieve things we didn’t think possible, we experience confidence through the support of people we know and respect. These are people who help us see what we can accomplish instead of fearing the future and not even trying. A good friend told me years ago to look up…

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Surprise – women don’t judge you on performance.

The financial industry, probably more so than any other, is and has been traditionally focused on performance. In a male dominated field, performance is the measuring stick used to determine value, value of assets, value of individuals, and value of organizations. It is no wonder that financial advisors talk instinctively about their and their organizations’…

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