Prospecting for HNW Women

Stop Wishful Thinking

Advisors we’ve talked to assign the following attributes to their ideal client: A person with substantial money to invest One willing to follow a long-term plan One loyal to them who even advocates on their behalf A person who doesn’t bail when the market falters One who understands and appreciates everything he does beyond getting…

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Where to find HNW women?

The question we get asked most often by advisors who have taken the first step in recognizing that their future success lies with acquiring more female clients is this: “Where do I find women with money?” Here’s what we tell them: Rule #1 Understand that most people like to congregate with people they have something…

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Why 2018 Could be Your Worst Year!

Of course it doesn’t have to be … in fact, with some resolve and not too much effort it could be your best year ever – when you broaden your perspective on how you get and keep your clients. You’d have to have been living in a cave in Siberia not to be aware of…

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Are you alienating clients?

It’s puzzling to us when advisors say they don’t want to brand themselves as “too female friendly” for fear of alienating their male clients. Yet, they seem perfectly okay with alienating their female clients by maintaining a male focused practice. Given that women control 1/3 of all financial assets, which is expected to grow to…

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5 habits of advisors that ladies love.

With research piling up, there is no doubt that very few financial companies do a great job on behalf of their female clients. But there are individual advisors, who do – and their female clients love them. Of all the female investors we’ve interviewed who like their advisor, there are recurring themes. And of all…

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