Prospecting for HNW Women

Prospect or Perish?

It may not be quite that dire but if you’re an advisor who can’t be bothered prospecting, who feels that you just don’t have the time, if you rely solely on referrals or word of mouth to get new clients – think again because it may not be long before your book and practice lose…

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Prospecting — connect with people

Connecting with people means having an interest in what interests them Once you have identified the group you are comfortable working with, you can start to connect with one or two of them. Whether you chose to pursue all lawyers or just target female lawyers, familiarize yourself with what they do, where they congregate, how…

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Prospecting — target

Targeting makes prospecting easier Getting focused on a smaller well-defined group that you are already familiar with is easier and more effective than trying to sell to everyone. Start by selecting a group you already work with. When you review your client list and see a number of clients who are lawyers or doctors or…

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3 sure-fire ways to acquire female investors

Like most advisors you are likely aware that the female market is no longer a “niche, nice to have” market. Women are the market! Besides making almost 85 % of all purchasing decisions, women, young and old, control more than $3.2 trillion in financial assets. And the good news is – they are looking for…

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A New Take on COI – Amazing!

Do you think you have a good group of professionals as Centers of Influence (COI)? I am guessing you likely have an accountant, a lawyer, maybe even a real estate agent, all pretty routine, but are they the right people and are they all you need? There is only one way to determine whether you…

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Newsflash: Men and Women are Different!

The key to winning with women is understanding the differences between men and women, uncovering the opportunities and building a relationship. While there are many similarities between how men and women invest, there are important differences. The differences Generally men tend to compartmentalize investing as an activity separate from their lives. Women, on the other…

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