Women as Opportunity

Advisors who “Get It” Will Eat Your Lunch

When my kids were young, their favorite book was “Princess Backwards.” It’s the story of a princess who lived in a land where everything was done backwards, while she walked and talked forward. However, since she was “different”, they called her Princess Backwards. Of course, in the end, she saved the kingdom and the moral…

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Why Men Quit and Women Don’t

Full disclosure: I didn’t come up with the title, Why Men Quit and Women Don’t. It is the title of an article in The New York Times last month by Lindsay Crouse. Not surprisingly, I was drawn to the article because I am a runner. But never for a moment did I imagine that there…

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Why is this still a conversation?

Recently, we were in a meeting with the AVP of marketing at a major financial organization. The reason we were invited to the meeting was to share our knowledge regarding women and finances. The conversation revolved around how we could help them provide meaningful content to advisors with regards to retaining and acquiring female clients.…

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Women are NOT a niche market!

In meeting with and talking to advisors and executives of financial companies we often hear them say, very earnestly, that they know that women are an important niche market. And in fact they say, they are already actively marketing to women. (Which, to our dismay, as often as not, take the form of a few…

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6 things NEVER to say to female investors

“I have a system that helps my clients maximize gains and minimize losses …Let me tell you how I do things.” The fastest way to turn a potential female investor off is by telling her how great you are or your system is. Women look for advisors who they can connect with, someone who shows…

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Newsflash: Men and Women are Different!

The key to winning with women is understanding the differences between men and women, uncovering the opportunities and building a relationship. While there are many similarities between how men and women invest, there are important differences. The differences Generally men tend to compartmentalize investing as an activity separate from their lives. Women, on the other…

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