Women as Opportunity

Surprise – women don’t judge you on performance.

The financial industry, probably more so than any other, is and has been traditionally focused on performance. In a male dominated field, performance is the measuring stick used to determine value, value of assets, value of individuals, and value of organizations. It is no wonder that financial advisors talk instinctively about their and their organizations’…

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Women aren’t looking for perfection: they want advisors who are sincere and authentic

Forget about being “superman” or the advisor who always has the answer. Women aren’t looking for perfection. They want advisors who are sincere and authentic. Authentic means “trustworthy” and nothing is more important when it comes to financial advice. But, many times we mean ‘making investment decisions that are in the best interest of a…

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Why do we choose to scare rather than cheer on?

I’ve been watching the financial services industry and it’s strategies in attracting investors for more than 40 years. Here’s what I’ve observed: When the industry talks to men, they speak of out performance and doing better. They talk more, opportunity and winners. They even talk low volatility these days. But when they think they are…

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