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Paulette and Judy have become the go-to experts in all matters related to helping the financial community better understand and relate to women.

Service gap has a long-term cost on women investors

March 7, 2019

Barbara Balfour - Special to The Globe and Mail

Everyone has seen the glossy ads for what we can look forward to in retirement: silver-haired couples frolicking on cruise liners and golf courses, beaming at the camera and having the time of their lives. But an increasing number of people – especially

Women Investors Want an Investment Advisor They can Trust

February 11, 2019

Ellen Roseman for Canadian Money Saver

The 2018 Boston Marathon was run in the worst conditions in decades, with horizontal rain and freezing temperatures. The winning times for both men and women were the slowest since the 1970s and the midrace dropout rate soared.

But finishing rates varied significantly by gender. For men, the dropout rate was up almost 80 per cent from 2017. For women, it was up only about 12 per cent.

How women can fight for better investment advice

October 05, 2018

Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail

Too few men in the investment advice business know how to talk to female clients -- Rob Carrick talks to Paulette and Judy about what female investors should look for in an advisor and what advisors can do to meet their needs.

How Women are Taking Charge of Their Finances

December 06, 2017

An insightful article by Kelley Keehn -- many thanks for mentioning

Women are a Big Deal -- Kelley Keehn tells you why and the perils of ignoring them.

Why financial services targeted at women are a huge opportunity

March 07, 2017

Canadian Business

Women don’t need more financial literacy, they need a system that works for them. A new wave of finance companies are waking up to the possibilities

Karin Mizgala wasn’t surprised when her friend, an educated woman with a PhD and a high income, told her that she hates thinking about money. It’s something the financial advisor and co-founder of Money Coaches Canada (MCC) gets all the time from women, and while she understands where they’re coming from, it still pains her to hear.

The best countries for women starting businesses

Women control about 33% of the wealth in North America today, the highest share in history and a number that is growing roughly 8% per year. Even still, they are reluctant to invest their money at the same rates as men. According to one survey by Lean Vest, an online financial

Les femmes bénéficieront bientôt d'un énorme transfert de richesses

March 13, 2017

Finance et Investissement

L'industrie du conseil va changer avec la technologie et la démographie.

Grâce à une espérance de vie plus longue et à des avancées dans le monde du travail, les femmes nord-américaines contrôlent une part du patrimoine toujours plus grande. Selon un rapport de l'Institut Info-Patrimoine BMO, les femmes aux États-Unis contrôlent actuellement 14 billions $ US, soit plus de la moitié des richesses personnelles du pays, et ce chiffre devrait augmenter jusqu'à 22 billions $ US d'ici 2020. Au Canada, les femmes contrôlent déjà 1,1 billion $ du patrimoine financier et représentent un pourcentage de 43 % des Canadiens détenteurs de 500 000 $ ou plus d'actifs investissables.

Women set for massive wealth transfer

March 12, 2017


Because of longer life expectancies and advances in the workplace, women in North America are controlling an ever-growing share of wealth. According to a report by the BMO Wealth Institute, women in the United States currently control US$14 trillion – more than half the country's personal wealth -- and that figure is expected to grow to US$22 trillion by 2020. In Canada, women already control $1.1 trillion of the financial wealth and make up 43% of Canadians with $500,000 or more in investable assets.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Working with women entrepreneurs

August 02, 2016

Investment Executive

"Risk-averse." "Mompreneur." "Lipstick entrepreneur." These are some of the labels many entrepreneurial women have had to shake before being taken seriously as investors.

Don't assume that adviser is looking out for you: Roseman

February 22, 2016

The Star

Studies show that financial services firms are underserving female clients. Learn more in this article by Ellen Roseman On Your Side, Consumer Affairs Columnist for The Star.

What women want from financial advisors

February 22, 2016

Wealth Professional

A survey by points to a significant disconnect between what women want and what they are actually being offered from the financial services industry. Even though the industry has earmarked women as a valuable demographic, its efforts to actually retain them seem to be falling short.

4 Misconceptions about female clients, and what to do about them

February 18, 2016

What'sAdvisors fundamentally misunderstand female clients, and the result shows up in client satisfaction statistics: 73% of women say they’re unhappy with the industry this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Make women a core focus of your business

February 02, 2016

Investment Executive

Financial advisors should not consider women to be a niche market, but instead a core aspect of advisors' businesses as females hold a significant and growing level of wealth in Canada, said Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi, partners with Strategy Marketing in Toronto, at a discussion at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management on Tuesday.

When your client dies

October 27, 2015

Investment Executive

Many women will leave their financial advisor after their husband's death if the advisor had not made the effort to develop a relationship beforehand. Learn how to handle this situation effectively and sensitivity.

Advisers and women: Is anyone listening?

January 30, 2015

Globe & Mail

The Globe Advisor's financial columnist Rob Carrick sat down with Judy and Paulette to find out why 73% of women are unhappy with the service they got from the financial industry.

Why women leave… their financial advisors, that is

November 24, 2014

Wealth Professional

A wise person once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Columnist Will Ashworth delves into the relationship between women and financial advisors addressed in Strategy Marketing's white paper Why women leave their financial advisors: and how to prevent it.

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