Bruce Sellery talks to Judy Paradi and Paulette Filion, co-founders of StrategyMarketing.ca, about their book INVEST(IN)HER: The Smart Financial Advisor’s Guide to Winning with Female Clients in 6 Easy Steps.

Paulette and Judy join Kirk and Matt from Top Advisor Marketing to discuss their new advisor course “The Art of Acquiring Female Clients”. Many advisors struggle to find high net worth women, let alone convert them into clients. The art of prospecting female clients requires a different strategy and tool kit in order to be successful. Judy and Paulette discuss some of their tips to creating lasting female to advisor relationships, bringing case studies from real world experiences. If you’re looking to develop a larger business relationship with high net worth women, you’ll want to listen in today!

Judy and Paulette join Matt and Kirk from Top Advisor Marketing to discuss four reasons women leave their advisors and then list simple ways to engage women to grow a stronger, female-friendly practice.

"Ladies. I dropped everything to read the article and watch the video. You knocked it out of the park! Thank you so much for raising the issues of women and money. But more importantly I see this as a movement to empower woman and add purpose to their financial affairs.
Well done."

Danny Liberatore
Financial Advisor

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