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Financial organizations and executives consider the insights found in these seminal white papers as having turned the tide in Canada on the issues facing women in dealing with financial services.

Why there are so few female financial advisors: and what needs to happen to grow the numbers

Despite the best efforts of financial institutions to attract and retain more female financial advisors, the numbers haven’t budged in a decade1.

According to Barron’s, “female financial advisors represent just 15% to 20% of all advisors”2. In Canada, it’s not much better. Twenty-three percent (23%) of financial advisors are women – but this number is bolstered by retail banks where financial advisors are often salaried employees1.

Financial advisors are failing women; What women really want and how to change the dialogue.

Despite all the efforts to attract and retain women as clients, financial advisors are failing miserably when it comes to serving female investors. Women don’t want or need a different portfolio from their male counterparts but they do want a different experience from men. The burden of change falls to the financial community and the frontline financial advisors to change the dialogue.

What you don’t know about marketing to women and why it could hurt you. 

Recognizing the power and influence of women must become a top priority for marketers if they are going to tap into the market’s full potential. Marketers who continue to treat the female market as a niche market will be left behind.

 Why women leave their financial advisors: and
how to prevent it.

Financial advisors are failing women. Women today make up an astonishing percentage of the world’s wealthiest people and they are continuing to grow their wealth at a rate unheard of at any other time in recent history. Advisors who ignore them do so at their own peril.

"This white paper by Strategy Marketing is worth sharing despite its focus on the Canadian marketplace because many of the points regarding why the financial services industry needs to alter its approach are spot on. Additionally, there are several practical tips about how to prevent losing female clients."

- Pax World Investments

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