Making Investing Fun

Investing can be quite boring. And truth be told, the industry hasn’t really tried very hard to make it interesting. They continue to rely on endless analysis, obscure comparisons, tables, charts and jargon! Yawn!

Women generally get turned off by this type of approach (actually even men, at least those who are willing to admit it, don’t always love it).

But here’s the thing: investing can be fun. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you are at all interested in investing and would like to get involved but have been reluctant to because it seems so darn boring --- good news -- it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 5 ways to make investing interesting.

  1. Do it with a buddy
    Get your best friend to invest alongside of you. Nothing makes an experience more fun than when you share it with someone and can talk about it over lunch or a glass of wine.

  2. Find an advisor who will make it fun for you
    Not every advisor is a stick-in-the-mud. Some have lots of interests and a knack for making investing interesting for everyone. Find that advisor. Just make sure they can also invest. Start by asking people you know, or the local know-it-all. If all else fails, call a few branches of firms in town, talk to the branch manager and ask “who do you have who knows how to invest but also makes it interesting”.  Then interview those people and find the one you like.

  3. Invest and make some money
    When you and your buddy find the right advisor, start investing. Nothing makes investing as interesting as making money – just like that! And when you do, find out what went right with that investment. You’ll find the subject that much more interesting to learn when you know you made money in the transaction. It’s like spending in reverse and without the hangover.

  4. Talk about investing in terms that make it fun for you
    Let’s face it, most financial companies talk about investing in terms that are indecipherable and boring. Talk about investing in terms that make it fun for you – whether that’s investing to take a round-the-world trip, or to help your kids buy their first home, or to buy a new car. Whatever the goal, plan out your venture by turning your investing into the reality of what you seek.

  5. Let your success boost your confidence (and share your successes)
    The more you succeed, the more confident you’ll become. So take advantage of every success to celebrate your progress and earn the right to bolster your conviction. Mind you, not everything will go up but learn from those things that don’t and celebrate wholeheartedly what does.

One thing you’ll notice though is that the more you make, the less you’ll want to spend it thoughtlessly. And the more you’ll want to earmark it for saving.









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