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Although we hope the information we have provided for you as a female investor is helpful -- from time to time we come across articles and sites that we think would be of interest to you.​

Let us know what you think and feel free to share any articles or sites you find and wish to share. We will review and post if it adds to the conversation.

  • When and Why to Look for a New Financial Advisor
  • A good place to begin looking for a financial advisor or coach, is online. Sites like offer profiles and information about people you might consider working with.
  • If you are looking for a more personal  approach, there are financial coaches like Stephanie Wolfe.
  • The Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) has some excellent advice for investors
  • Useful terms you may need  There are lots and lots of financial terms used throughout the industry, many are "buzzwords" that you are never likely to need. But there may be terms you do need to know.  Here is a great alphabetized list created by Ontario Securities Commission
  • Visit  and subscribe to the site (there is no catch or down-side, this terrific site offers a great deal of support for women interested in finances.) Besides that, just for joining,  you will receive a free copy of a White Paper written by  “Taking Financial Ownersollectivehip”,  it includes many great tips on how to take control of your finances.



Kelley Keehn is a financial-literacy advocate and personal-finance educator who has authored nine books on topics ranging from the psychology of money for women to protecting against identity theft.

She offers a wealth of information for women -- her website is well worth a visit.

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